Training rides

I've been insanely busy since CIRREM primarily with bike projects...  lots of plans, lots of repairs, lots of fun!

It's almost been tough to find enough time to ride rather than wrench!

I got out for about 8 hours during the week last week including a 1.5 hour jaunt in a rainstorm that actually led to a flash flood and major roads in Rochester getting closed down and commuting to work every day.

Then over the weekend I fought the wind on Saturday for a 3 hour ride by myself before yet another trip to Milltown Cycles.

Sunday I had intended to ride with Chad Sova and a few local guys.  Chad was coming over to pick up a frame I had repaired and wanted to check out our gravel roads.  However, he had food poisoning and made the drive over just to grab the frame.  I wound up riding away from the house with Franz and Bob G..  Franz missed out on most of the "good" stuff, but Bob and I got a very solid 3:40 following a route somewhat similar to "the untitled".  At times the roads were so bad that the mud was shooting forward out of our front fenders like snow blower!

Made the rounds to Bicycle Sports and two friend's places to collect more and more bike parts for current projects Monday and didn't get much riding in other than my commute.  Also, got to hang out with Ben Shockey and his son for a bit as he had come up to bring me some parts and drop off, yet another, repair.

Today I got out of work a bit early and got some USPS stuff done before meeting Trevor for a "short ride" prior to the group bar crawl Tuesday Night Ride.  Last minute I wound up on the Caffeine...  it just looked so appealing instead of the same ol', same ol' on the 720!  We wound up riding 2.5 hours or so of gravel with 80% of it just past my comfortable cadence in 34x17...  Probably really good training riding! I was happy to hang on at all with him.

And then some great Cuban sandwiches at Brother's on the way to this-


  1. I love hangin' by a big fire. Looked fun.

  2. Too bad it was a "work night", can't wait to go back on a weekend!