BALLS 2012

Awesome as always!

No pictures, the sideways rain and 35 degree temperatures were not conducive to carrying a camera.

Skipped today's portion due to slight knee pain (not sure if it's the "fat" q factor or that the cleat was misaligned on my right shoe...).  Not worried about it going forward because I did pull the plug so preemptively early.  I've got a ton of stuff coming up fast and getting a bit of extra rest certainly won't hurt either.

Everyone involved with the ride was great, things were well planned out, the riders all had great attitudes etc. etc..  I know this is the same weekend every year as Trans Iowa and the Decorah Time Trials but I highly recommend making the trip.

Hope you had a good weekend.  Congrats to the Trans Iowa finishers...  more of you finished % wise than finished the cat 1/2 road race here in MN (so maybe I should also be congratulating those of them who finished...  way to go Brandon on another win as well!).  I wish the weekend were 3 or 4 weeks long so I could have done both and the time trials.  I had fun keeping track of TI updates etc. and trying to predict what would happen next etc..  Some of it was more predictable than other bits, that's for sure!

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  1. fwiw- zero knee pain today on my commute with flat pedals/normal q factor. I'm attributing the issues to the cleat, will adjust and/or wear different shoes for future long rides on that bike and others.