river's route double century/royal 162 training/what to do when you're not in trans iowa or dirty kanza

We had a great ride!

 secret meeting place
 other secret meeting place, but no Trevor???  Just Karlene.
 Oh, There is Trevor way down the road!
 The group early on
Dropping down into Rollingstone
Crossing the big river in Winona
 House boat!
 All these pictures were taken while moving-  this ride never slowed down

 On the Great River State Trail

 More of the Great River trail
 Trevor downtown LaCrosse
 Hooters...  actually, we stopped at BA Burrito
 2nd time over the big river

 This was the entire "map"
 Sunset in Chatfield area

Overall I had about 202 miles in 12 hrs of ride time.  The pace picked up on the second half.  Both Bob and Trevor rode very very strongly! Overall an incredibly good time.


  1. wish i could have been there. i need a sufferfest before the roayl...

  2. you rode right past my house... better you than me doing a ride like that.