Ragnarok preparation, excuses, opinions

Been feeling a little left out because I haven't prepared any elaborate, or otherwise, excuses to protect my ego when it comes to the race this weekend...

Didn't find any while we worked on the trails Monday or while riding my Pugnago.

Tuesday was no better either-  just more riding, fun with friends etc..

Wednesday means group ride-  perfect place to come up with something...  heck, riding it could be an excuse because I'd be tired and not riding it could be an excuse because I could blame that on something!  Sadly, I did a little bit of both and my excuse fell through the cranks, so to speak.

By Thursday I was getting pretty nervous-  If I didn't come up with something fast I'd just have to go and do my best in the race, fully accept whatever results might come.  I'd only have the solace of knowing that I'd tried my best and the knowledge that the world doesn't revolve around me.  Someone else could win glory on Saturday and I wouldn't have at all diminished their performances with my whining!  I decided to do what I always do when I need to think...

 Ride Wheelies in water!
 Didn't see any good excuses here-  though I did think about the consequences of going over the bars earlier on the 45 second descent!
 Still none over here (6 miles of singletrack later btw!)-  That house is for sale btw in the background.
 None on the other side of the hills
 Tall mike came along too-  his excuse is that he is 7' tall!
 Around the other side, dropping the Tall guy by enough to take the picture maybe had the makings of an excuse.

In the end we didn't find what we were looking for.  We were only reminded that riding mountain bikes is fun.  I don't usually bring a camera and figured tonight would be a good time to do so...  hope you like the photos.  On the sportsmanship/excuses thing...  I decided excuses are bad sportsmanship, PERIOD.  Giving one is only to diminish your competitor and yourself.


  1. editorial note: I deleted the comments, the first one was WAY off topic.

  2. Nice wheelie. Go for my Rok tomorrow Silence. Attack. I will take notes.

  3. Where is that wonderful singletrack?!


  4. I can only attack if the group is riding slower than I can go! I'm expecting a lot of strong riding. That rock is pretty. Each successive climb becomes "bigger".

  5. I second the question on where is the singletrack?

    Good luck in the Rag.

  6. Drew..awesome job at the ragnorak...You clearly had Mallory's attention!!!!!!!!!
    (the old guy with the sore back)