Pugnago test ride- carbon fatbike at memorial park Red Wing

 Got out today at Memorial after our family Easter gathering.  Took 3 laps on my repaired Cannondale Flash, which continues to impress.  Lots of fun!  Then got the big project out of the truck and put in another 90 minutes or so.

 Assuming things hold up over the summer I will add cable guides and proper paint-  for now what you see is what I've got!

Tough to beat this hub/rim/tire combination-  Coda branded dt hubs, rolling darryls, light larrys.  Thanks Ben Witt.
 Old school Avid levers pair with BB7 road brakes-  other cockpit parts are pretty "normal".
 May clean this up more so it pops or may just leave it like it is.
  Overall so far it is pretty good. I'd be lying if I didn't admit that it makes me a bit nervous to ride-  this isn't some easy carbon repair! I like the fit, the geometry is working and things are solid.  I'm going to have to do some work to get the rear brake to work properly because the weird 4-bolt rotors aren't playing nice with the BB7s and I'm not sure I'll be keeping the thumbshifter for the rear shifting (may switch to gripshift) but it's a bike!

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