Off work last night at 11 and rode home close to 11:30.

Completed carbon repair work and started build of my Quintana Roo Lucero then straight to bed at 1.

Up at 9:05 to complete the build.  Gave up on the internal routing, so super ghetto!.  Al came by and dropped off parts for TWO bikes that I'm building for him currently and it was 12:30.

Food, shower, necessary dog stuff and it was 1.

Test ride/fine tuning of the fit and it was 2.

Back at work at 2:30 and here until 11 once again.


6am leave house and head to St. Peter for the State TT
Pre-ride Mankato MMBS course
Stop by Milltown Cycles for a few things
Drop off a carbon repair job ($=good!)
Build Al's two bikes
rest as much as possible


'sleep in' then head to Mankato for the race (this will likely take up most of the day)
Buy paint and supplies for Monday's house work
Finish bike projects for Al


Paint interior of house before working at 2:30.

If this all goes off and I ride fast it's going to be great.  Not as great as riding Dirty Kanza in reasonable temperatures would have been, but great none the less.  Apparently the Royal was the hot one this year...  someday the weather will cooperate with me, or I'll just figure out how to beat the heat.

Lastly, the Owatonna Death Race is coming up...

Bring it...

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