Wolverine part II: Kayak trip, the gorge etc..

Kayak trip-  I started here-

 It was about 3.5 miles upwind do the mouth of the river I was looking for.  Initially a lot of it looked like this.
 Of course whenever it got more exciting than that I wasn't exactly thinking about pictures!  This is where I finally stopped-  the water here was getting too shallow for me to pedal, er paddle, hard enough to maintain up-river movement.
It was awesome flying out of there with the current.  Sort of like running Giant Slalom over rocks!

Next I wanted to give my CX bike a chance for redemption now that I'd raised the seatpost and that nice Ritchey logo was showing once again...

I rode a lot.  At first it was gravel but later it wasn't anything we would consider gravel back in MN.  The last 15 miles or so to my destination looked like this (and climbed about 600' 3 or 4 times over)-

Here it is!  Absolutely worth it too!  Maybe even so cool when combined with those roads that a 'gravel grinder' (wow do I ever hate that term-  it's just a bike race) may be born out of this ride!

 This is definitely a view to be shared!  Sunset at the Gorge.  This guy was soaking up the last rays.
 When I say that I like tubulars and find them to be much more durable and higher performing than clinchers...  well, I ride them to places like this.  This is my Ben Witt built 2010 Zipp 303 laced to a DT Swiss built Reynolds hub with a Wolber tubular from 1996 or so

From there it's back down more of the stuff pictured above until you get here-

More to come


  1. Are you in Michigan? Where the heck is Wolverine Village, your trip looks awesome I want to go

  2. This was in the Ironwood/Hurley area... I've got GPS coordinates for the gorge if you want them, the waterfall and that is on the normal "touristy" route. All this is within sites of the Porcupine Mountain's park. I am very much considering organizing some sort of event from Wolverine. Perfect place to start/finish with communal lodge/cooking facilities and rooms for 40? plus it's just got a different vibe than anywhere else we ride.