chequamegon 62/100 courses hard on bikes? Tires for Mom

 Shot of the repaired areas...  this is the side I did, other side is Calfee prior to my getting the frame.  No issues! Two years ago in this race I broke what was then my race frame while riding Rock Lake and without falling.
That's the bike with my regular wheels back on- I raced on my Stan's Races.  It truly worked wonderfully.  The only thing that could make this bike better would be a hollowgram double crankset up front with 28/42.

This is for my mom-

She wanted more color on my bike or my kit so it will be easier to pick me out in races.  Hoping the red tires help!  Also hoping some other upcoming changes will make me a bit more visible too...

Lastly, I got my new fork for the TT bike and made some positioning changes.  I will be riding it once or twice a week here until the Synergy TT and hope to get my crap together enough to not embarass myself.

For what it's worth also I gave QR a quick email last week and they are sending me the seatpost clamp that I need for a very fair price.  They were great to deal with and were happy to pull a used clamp off of a bike they had laying around in order to get me a part that is no longer available!

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