racing, then more of the same... somethign else soon

Hardly worth recounting my last few days.  I'll keep it super brief since I'm sure ya'll are a bit tired of race recaps at this point (since I've been racing 2-3x a week it seems).  Here are my thoughts-

You can't repair a carbon TT frame, guess the right position/components to run and get it on it for the first time ever (on a real TT frame) and expect to do well.  Well, actually you can...  but it might not pan out.  It was worth the try though!  I've got a fire under me to sort things out and come back a whole lot more organized next time.  Also, my good friend Al won the 4/5 state TT which is awesome.

If you are tired all week you probably can't race your first ever 40k TT, preride the mountain bike course, skip the mountain bike race and instead race two crits well.  You just won't be able to climb because your legs will be shot by the end.

Yet, somehow I had pretty good legs for the first go round Sunday in the 3/4 race, but good legs don't necessarily mean great results.  I rode very aggressively, won a great prime for sick sunglasses, almost won a 2nd prime despite going solo to close a very large gap to a solo break for it on one lap, but when it came to the finish 'racing' and the way things shook down turned me into the whole field's leadout man with no other good options (other option was to race for 2nd).  Wound up 3rd...    Obviously, the 1/2/3 was crap for me, I was spent.  Seems a while since I've done great with the 1/2s, shows how hard it is to do "too much" but I have to have been getting stronger by working so great and I'm sure the general fatigue has a lot to do with the Almanzo.

It is now rest and relaxation time.  Expect some non-racing blogging, photographs, travel stuff soon.

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