Badgercross Midwest Championship Qualifier Day

What an awesome course! A little bit of everything with a nice balance between twisty stuff and climbing- even some significant downhill sections. Maybe a little "easy", but a good test and as good as anywhere I've raced this year. Conditions today were FAST with most of the course being frozen hard and bumpy.

Today as the final day of the Wisconsin CX series points wise and sets the start call-ups for tomorrow's championship race (whatever that means since there are obviously a lot of fast midwesterners who aren't here). I started on the 3rd row today but was able to quickly move into 3rd. I bounced from there to 9th and then back up to 6th over the first couple laps. A few guys were able to really put down a lot of power on the climb- particularly a young kid from Marquette and a couple of Illinois guys. I settled into 6th/7th with Mitch Nordahl. On the last two laps I had trouble clipping in, I wasn't alone in having this problem today as the run-up had fresh mud/clay dirt on it, and wasn't able to put up much of a fight. Mitch wound up 6th a few yards in front of me in 7th. Top 8 make the front row tomorrow- which won't really matter much, but that was my goal for today regardless. I think Josey Weik was the next MN guy in 17th. Hopefully we can all have a slightly better performance tomorrow.

Here is a picture-

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