how to recover your saddle part II: bontrager this time/sub $600 13 lb commuter singlespeed road bike

We shall see how comfortable it is...

The rest of the bike should be interesting as well!

Here is the plan-

$65 broken scattante cfr sl6 frame size 53- shipped via ebay, full carbon, came with large hole in the driveside seatstay. Almost repaired, will have pictures forthcoming.

free broken hsc5 sl Look fork from my Look 585. I was in a rush to race and replaced this with an Edge/Enve fork on that bike. It has since been repaired

$80 SRAM Force crankset with 53t ring only

$20 cut fetish cycles carbon post

$30 bontrager carbon/ti saddle that I customized as shown above

free ritchey wcs 110mm stem, cheap due to poor cosmetics- may paint it

free DEDA bars

$20 surly 18t SS cog

$30 DMR chain tensioner if needed

$205 zipp 303 tubular wheelset, bought damaged and repaired (pictures of this too soon)

free continental sprinter 250s pulled from dumpster (also pulled mavic gl330 rims that I could build up and use for this build which would take at least $150 off of the total without gaining weight)

$60 Ultegra 6700 brakes, hand me down from my Look which I upgraded to 7800. I paid $60 for the 7800 so think $60 is fair, but could claim even cheaper...

I do not yet have-

SS brake levers, got some decent ones?
internal headset
bar tape
bottle cages

I don't really have a clue what it will weigh either- but it should be light enough to be pretty fun. Wish I had the time and devotion to do the whole spreadsheet weight thing and figure it all out. I don't even own a proper scale.


  1. Racing it in Trans Iowa? Come down and play!

  2. No trans-iowa for me this year...

    Although, I will say this is the first year I've seriously considered it.