Ragnarok 2012 and is it March already?

I woke up today feeling motivated and sent this in-

Hopefully I get in the Ragnarok! Awesome postcard of me leading the group up the big hill there (courtesy of Ben Witt from Milltown Cycles). I remember standing in the parking lot last year watching the race start. At the time it was a relief, I knew I wasn't ready for it etc., but can't let it happen again. I'm in it for every hill that I can be. May have to leave the full-on cyclocross bike together until after that weekend... don't know if my gravel/road setup is up for it. Obviously the lack of carbon will knock me out of the lead group early if that is the case.

In other news... What is going on with the weather?

I'm back on the usual long commutes, training rides get ready for the long stuff thing this week--- no more of that 45 minutes and call it good for cyclocross. This time of year needs to be tough. With Triple D coming up soon I'm itching to get out in the cold and get comfortable. I've sourced a "fat" bike this year to help me in that race. This 40 degrees and raining stuff doesn't seem like proper preparation!

Along the same lines my new XC skis should be showing up by the end of the week... may as well have ordered scuba gear. At least they are being shipped to Wolverine Village, will save me having to put them in the car when I head up.

Todays commute was full rain suit! Bring back winter.

I'll leave this useless update with a quote... "fat bikes are the new fixie" -Dennis Grelk (and you know it's true)

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