looking to 2012

2011 isn't over. I'm going to madison to race in the Badger Cross Midwest Regional Championships this weekend. After all that crap I wrote about cyclocross I realized that taking a week off, training a bit and then doing this race sounded like fun. The weather looks good and I love the Madison area, can't wait!

I also just received word that my skate ski stuff will be here in about ten days! Looks like I'll get to do some cross-training, and will have another excuse to spend time at the Wolverine Village.

Nor have I forgotten about that dirty metric and dirty century that I need to complete before New Years. They will happen.

For 2012-

I've already wimped out on the Arrowhead 135 and trans-Iowa. Intend to follow suit with regards to a host of other races including Dirty Kanza and a variety of endurance mountain bike races. such events just don't seem to fit into my "plan" as much as they used to. The one "long one" that I will take another swing at is the Royal. I suppose I'm also likely to ride quite a few training centuries and have another long day at the Dairyland Dare--- but none of those will be the same as the effort/recovery that would go into something like trans-Iowa. I've got a ton of respect for everyone who will be taking the line and I'm sure on that day I will wish I were there at many of the events (particularly if the high in Emporia is below 80 degrees...). I don't know how to explain it, I always thought I was an "endurance guy too" but there it is and the tentative schedule that follows will probably say more.


March- 2-3x of the Iowa Spring Classics

April- Ragnarok??? Don't know if I'm feeling it, so probably not... had a great time not racing it last year! 2x road races (Durand, one of the others).

May- 2x mtb in MN or WORS series, Royal

June- 2x mtb in MN or WORS, Thursday night mtb, Keeweenaw Chain drive + long trip up there, maybe road if it gets hot for the last weekend (in place of mtb).

July- 2-3x crits, Thursday night mtb.

August- 1x crit, 1x road race, sugar bottoms scramble, Thursday night mtb

September- Copper Harbor fat tire festival vs. Maplelag. Rest, more base miles and time on CX bike, low priority cx race?

October- Heck of the north, Heroic, dirt bag and weeknight CX

November- 3/4 weekends cx

December- 1x CX? rest to year end.

Could change drastically but that's what I'm looking at right now. Hoping to use the early road stuff and winter base miles to load up for those early road races (why are the MN road races so early on the calendar anyways?) and the Almanzo while balancing that with getting ready to actually feeling like a Mountain biker in May and June. Expecting to want to move to road events in July again due to heat, but if I feel I'm doing better with that will do more Mountain biking. Just looking to have a good time in August and September and prepare for the fall gravel and cyclocross.

A few people have asked about posting an actual schedule somewhere such that they could carpool or spectate. I will probably work on that once it gets closer to the actual season and things shake out more.

Lastly, I get to race my bike almost the entire year and I feel lucky to have that opportunity. Thanks Laura and everyone else who helps me out.

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