Adopt our Foster Dog Redbone Coonhound Danny Boy!

Outside of the 40 hours per week that I spend working there are two things which define the rest of my time, riding and dogs. As most of you know we have 3 great dogs of our own-

Dickie (inspiration for, and made famous, by the Dickie Scramble) is a Border Collie mix. He is my "favorite" and he knows it. He often sits beside me while I write and uses bar stools, patio furniture etc. "like a good human". He spent most of his first 9 months running free near Blue Earth and fending for himself. Dickie and I have similar personalities.

Sam is an ornery 13 year old beagle. She lived with one family for 11 years before they gave her up. She was pretty misbehaved when we first got her, but that still seems crazy.

Lucky is a German Shepherd Dog. He was our first dog and was originally given up because he was hit by a car. He lost part of his tail in the accident and has some scarring on his legs. He is very athletic and shows no sign of the injuries bothering him.

We also have two cats, but I'll let Laura write about them if she wants to. A while back I wrote this-

About our 3rd cat "Balls", who sadly died of Lymphoma within a year.

Over the last two years we have also fostered 8 other dogs. Fostering is always an interesting process and often can be a lot of work, but is always rewarding. We are fortunate to have 3 great dogs of our own who help us to do some of the work when it comes to training the new ones.

Danny Boy has been with us for quite a while now. He was found running, but had been cared for by a vet and was neutered. It appears he had a good home who gave up on him (the only command he knew was "speak"). He has become a well behaved friend who loves going for car rides and walks, never has accidents in the house and loves to curl his 102 degree body up beside us in bed. As would be expected for his breed he can be loud and excitable, but only when provoked by the situation. We also have not spent enough time working on his recall when outdoors, but in the house he comes immediately treats or not. He is food motivated and will be easy to train once he gets used to his new family. He spends his days kenneled and is "ok" with that. He does well with our other dogs and cats, but because of his history should not go to a family with small children. I would love to find a good home for Danny soon in order to make room for another foster.

Please also contact me or comment if you are interested in fostering yourself, we can help point you in the right direction.


  1. Laura here; I got our 9 year old male black cat, Tucker, my senior year of college. He loves people and just wants to hang out in a lap or on a head if you're in bed. Sunny I got in '06 as a companion to Tucker when I moved to an apartment by myself after college and my room mate's cat wasn't around for him to terrorize. She's fat. Sunny that is, not my old room mate. :)

  2. He is somehow still available! Take advantage of all out training efforts, he's a very good dog.