Some cyclocross pictures- rattail cx Rockford Mn

Both Tim and I tried to take some pictures during the race today. My camera sucks so not a lot of them turned out. Also, we both wound up taking more pictures of each other than anything else. I know I was running around the course cheering more than taking pictures too. Also, Tim did a way better job than I did (and had a few more laps to take more pictures during).

Tim Werts chasing the eventual Cat 4 winner on the run-up

Werts leaving the singletrack (there was an awesome fast singletrack section on this course!)

Cat 4 podium. Wish I'd gotten more Cat4 pictures, but the race was super short. Did get a video of the first lap as they rode through one of the sand pits... hope to post it tomorrow.


Early pictures of the run-up

there was about 3 laps of this... Brendan would eventually beat me with a solid push on the last lap.

Too bad all the grass and gravel turns don't photograph great

this was some good camera work by Tim!

the 1st couple chasers on the run-up. My hammering a bit after Brendan got away... thinking about trying to pull him in at that point.

looking back down the course before going into 2nd place V formation

3 podium

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