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The Loris is great. She is beautiful, driven, funny, caring and centered. I shouldn't use what she isn't to describe her, but what she isn't is important... she isn't pretentious, overbearing, caught up in things that don't matter. She let's me focus on what I think is important and supports it without questioning. She is key to all that I do.

Finding bike racing. I wouldn't be nearly as happy or healthy if I hadn't. This endeavor just keeps expanding, I never would have thought that I'd find as much in it as I have, in just a couple of years too.

Being able to commute by bike in my city. For all of the complaining that I do, or despite of it, I have been able to ride my bike to work around 75% of all days for the last 3 years. I've been lucky enough to remain safe, I've seen the city in a different and more positive light. Commuting is good for my soul.

That our political system is so messed up that it can't really be derailled... there are a lot of people with agendas I'm totally against, but it seems like no one can really change anything either way.

My Nokian studded tires. It's not fun to fall on your butt.

Everything Almanzo.

Being able to write, albeit however poorly I do so. I don't know if anyone ever actually reads any of this stuff, but it helps me to write it. Along with riding, writing has done a lot for me recently. Good thing my elementary school put so much emphasis teaching writing. I used to get behind in my "Journals". The process organizes and clears my mind, brings me focus.

The obvious stuff- my health, the health of my family etc.. I don't write about my siblings enough. I'm very grateful that my parent's have been attending some of my CX races this fall and have been so supportful.

All of the time I spent ski racing, golfing etc., sports have shaped who I am more than anything else. I call on lessons learned in all aspects of my life, not least of all at work and in my relationships.

That I have figured out a way to apply some of the skills I learned working on cars to cycling. Working with carbon is pure fun for me, so much so that almost I'm GLAD I DON'T have an engineering degree and do it for my "real" job... lest it lose it's pull.

For the dogs. They inform my behavior more than I should admit (insert relevent Atmosphere lyric here if you know it).

Have a great thanksgiving!

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