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Supposed to be the winding down, fun part of the season. Bad situation today had me pulling out of the race early... banged bad knee very hard coming off the line, no good. Going back for more tomorrow, then 5 more Cat 3 starts and 3? SS starts over next two weeks.

Somewhat related, so finicky the way I feel in cx. My results so far are all over the place. Even more so, I've just felt all over the place physically. Not sure how to get the good feeling on command. It's just that some days I'm totally comfortable at red line, others I can't even get there. Hopefully more good moments with each week. Need to keep going so that I can lean what goes in to get the good stuff out... only place I know what to put in to get the good stuff out right now is gravel, not racing on gravel right now.

Part of this all goes back to my being sick last fall and the cold air issues that I've had with breathing. I've got a few prescriptions and other tools to use, but they don't all work together exactly as expected, necessarily. Will post more about this later, when I get things figured out a bit better. It's currently so random to me there is no point in even putting my thoughts down.

For what it's worth- all the other Rochester guys were top 10 today in the 3 race! Good work guys. Pretty strong group of Cat 3 cx guys from down here, it was fun to watch them. Trevor rode to 2nd on that repaired Jamis Nova Pro.

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