epic rides and a random update

It took me all of the spring and a good bit of the summer to build up to it. I was working 3pm-1:30 am shifts and I would wake up around 9:30 and get out the door by 10. I knew I had about 3.5 hrs of ride time if I wanted to come back, shower, eat and ride to work without a huge rush. Whitewater was about 30 miles from my place. I first made it just to Eyota, then to Dover and then St. Charles. Often I could barely walk the next day. At least twice a week I tried. Sometime in August...

Random updates-

Went out too hard on Sunday in the cx race (wasn't really sure that was possible until I did it). Took a couple laps to recover, but overall I made a good effort. I feel good heading into the end of the season stuff... all in all I've had a positive last 6 or 7 weeks.

I picked up a very nice Nikon digital SLR and a couple of lenses last week from adorama.com. Hopefully I'll be able to get some good quality shots and improve my blogging. At the very least, expect more photos.

I also managed to get my hands on a Garmin 705 BIKE specific GPS unit... maybe it won't fall off during every gravel race. I am testing it out today by tracking my commute. Thanks to Bicycle Sports (Bob and Dave in particular) for hooking me up with a good deal, and thanks to Laura for an early Christmas present!!!! She earned herself a shot out... here's the Loris-

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  1. I've been using the 705 for the past 2 seasons and haven't had it come off the mount yet even through The Royal, Colorado mtbing, Dakota 5-0 and plenty of rigid SSing this year. The only issue I've even seen was that 1 of the plastic loops that the zip tie secures through eventually wore through just before Dakota, so I rotated the mount 90 degrees from my bars back to my stem.