year of races in brief

I've somewhat deliberately stopped posting too many details of my training. I am going to post all the races I did last year and make brief comments when applicable. My hope is that you might look at it and use it to help plan your schedule in the future. I will also personally use it to look back on- obviously, you are basically reading my diary here a lot of the time.

1/16 Triple D- snowmo, 4th, 1st non-fatbike. Duel with Ben Shockey. This is a great race and a great time
2/12 Dickie Scramble- snomo, tied 1st with Trevor. I put this on last year- won't happen this year, instead come on the January Almanzo course ride.
2/26 CIRREM- road/gravel, 5th. Big fall and too slick of tires cost me. Really like this course and the overall vibe.
3/5 Iowa Spring Classic- road/gravel, 2nd in 4/5 race
3/12 Iowa spring Classic- road/gravel, 1st in 4/5 race
3/19 Iowa Spring Classic- road/gravel, 3rd in 4/5 race, All of the Iowa Spring Classic races are well organized, reasonably priced and enjoyable.
4/16 Durand Road Race, road, pack finish- off front for a bit and TIRED!. Hilly course but doesn't favor climbers. Cold day! May attend in future.
5/3 Eastwood MTB race- mtb, 3rd, Tuesday night training race in Rochester
5/5 Tri-rochester TT- road tt, 22.3 mph, windy, 1st non-aero.
5/14 Royal 162- road/gravel, 5th. Tough day, my favorite race of the year.
5/22 WORS Rhinelander- mtb, FAIL. Good course and camping.
6/4 Dirty Kanza- road/gravel, FAIL. Can't handle the heat.
6/9 River Falls Thursday race- mtb, 2nd. My favorite Thursday night mtb training race.
6/11 Death Race- road, 1st. All road free racing!
6/12 Cuyuna Grand Opening- mtb, CUT TIRE. Disorganized race, not my favorite trail yet? either, hope it gets better!
6/18 Keeweenaw Chain Drive- mtb, 18th (broke chain cost me 6 spots), love riding up there, awesome course, will return.
6/29 Eastwood MTB race- mtb, win.
7/2 Spam Jam/Freedom Fest- road, pack finish. Boring course, downhill straight finish, sprinters race, only will go back because it's close.
7/4 Northfield Crit- road, 4th in 4/5. First crit, awesome time.
7/10 Clear Lake Road Race- road, pack finish (was off front alone), flat course!
7/12 Dakota Tech crit- road, quit. Training crit at Dakota Tech, fun time.
7/14 River Falls- mtb, 2nd.
7/24 Southside Crit- road, 2nd in 4/5. Really cool place for a race.
7/26 Summit Crit- road, 3rd in 4/5. Dakota Tech as well.
7/31 Elk River MMBS, FAIL. Heat.
8/2 Genoa TT (tri group)- road tt, non-aero
8/7 Thoren Heuval Kermesse- road, 3rd in 4/5, hill finish!
8/9 Genoa TT- road tt, 3rd w. aero stuff, windy.
8/13 Dairyland Dare- road, awesome ride and terrain. highly recommended
8/16 Genoa TT, road tt, 2nd.
8/23 Genoa hill climb tt, road tt, 2nd (most all fast guys showed up)
8/28 Sugar Bottoms Iowa- mtb, 8th, raced well, love this course.
9/4 Dakota Five-o- mtb, issues!. I had bad weekend race wise, but the party, prizes etc. were all lesser than last year. Last year I DNF and had better time overall... next year I try the Copper Harbor festival instead?
9/13 cx practice at Eastwood- cx, 2nd.
9/20 cx practice at Eastwood- cx, 3rd.
10/1 Heck of the North- road/gravel, 20th(ish). Lost GPS and lots of time finding it/flatting. Lovely course, great race.
10/4 cx practice at Eastwood- cx, flat.
10/8 The Heroic- road/gravel, win. Fun time! Great course.
10/8 Holzinger Hot Lap- mtb. Survived! Come to this!
10/16 Keeweenaw Cup- cx. 8th? broke wheel, switched bikes. CX race at Keeweenaw mountain lodge! Epic.
10/22 MN CX in Marine on the St. Croix- cx, 18th in 3s. Boring course, not good for spectating
10/23 Mn CX in Ham Lake- cx. 12th in 3s. Awesome course, great spectating, great event.
10/29 Dirt Bag- road/gravel. 1st!!! Great season ending endurance type race.
11/5 Mn CX at Blaine- cx. 9th in 3s. Decent course, no hills.
11/6 Mn CX in Rockford- cx, 2nd in 3s. Great course! Grass, sand, singletrack, big downhill/uphill.

Still have 5 more cx starts. Will update this with those later.


  1. Damn Man! You race a lot.

  2. As Ben said, that's a lot! How many miles will you ride this year total?

  3. I know, all that work and I wouldike to be faster! A lot of time, effort, pain and money.

    I haven't a clue on miles... but I can guess from total hrs and mix of surfaces/types of riding. 7-9k?

  4. I'm not sure your second place performance at Eastwood CX practice on 9/20 counts considering you sat out a lap while Trevor and I killed ourselves.

  5. I suppose that's fair... I put it in my personal notes with an ast3risk too... transcribed it here without that detail.

    I considered not including any 'week day' stuff, would have made for a more reasonable length list.

    The skipped lap, which was due to pulled muscle, is indicative of how unimportant a lot of the in-week stuff feels. In the end I included it here because I highlighted them in my notebook.

    The tt results are also quite unofficial and only reflect whatever I scribbled at the time.