big ride today and what I'm reading

Got out the door 45 minutes later than planned this morning and not quite feeling "right". I think all the junk I ate last night at the work potluck just wasn't cutting it. Glad I got going when I did though because after just 5 or 6 miles I felt strong and decided to try to complete the entire ride I had planned (It was going to be tight time-wise because I wanted to meet my mom for a late lunch). Things were solidly downwind initially and virtually flew, for winter riding, out the first 20 miles. I was a bit cold and went a few miles out of the way over to St. Charles and Casey's for a pit stop. Then it was more downwind out to whatever random intersection (see picture) is 28 miles from home (I was at mile 35 at that point due to reroute). I was expecting quite a grind on the way back with the wind and all, and the first 7 miles or so did not disappoint. However, I continued to make good time (13.5 mph average or so) and it never got quite as hard or grinding as expected. Made it home in just over 4.5 hrs right at 63.0 miles. Felt very strong on the last few climbs. Really liking riding fixed too.

On that note one of the Arrowhead 135 racers, Mr. Tri, has asked to borrow my tomicog as a 'last resort'. I'm impressed by the level of attention to detail and thought that must have gone into realizing that might be helpful/important.


I finished "where men win glory" last week, thanks to Mr. Farrow for recommending it. His story is not what I was expected and despite the tragedy I found it both motivating and uplifting.

Currently I'm working on "we might as well win" (johan bruyneel). Which is inspiring as well, albeit in a completely different way. Not sure I needed more motivation when it comes to training, but Johan's description of his stage win on page 22 or so is all I would ever need.

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