this is an awesome picture- I haven't heard how he did yet today. I believe it was his first college race as a Ute (although he has been in many and won some too, I bet it will feel different when it counts for the team).

More on him-


may need a password- shoot! Details his choice of school rather than joining the national team. makes him sound admirable (he is), doesn't mention me. I'll try to get a transcript of it up here sometime. Will likely be posting more updates on his racing now that the season has started. Hopefully he stays in good enough biking shape to kick my butt! so as we can go pretty fast as a "duo" in some WEMS.

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  1. I just saw that -- your comment -- that you will (quote) try to get a transcript of it up here (unquote)...

    Send me the media (audio/video) file and I'll transcribe it -- it's my work. I'm here --


    -- every day.

    Alan Kelly, freelance

    (serving before AOL had mail)