to the checkpoint

preparations made, work shuffled, to the rock wall checkpoint in the am on the fixocog (I'm guessing 35 miles on the out leg following the Almanzo course backwards and then 30 on the way back coming more direct). Shall be leaving at 8 and will bring the camera. Pictures will be limited to pre-ordained "feeding" stops though. Now if I do something quite different you will have to hold me accountable!

For what it's worth I spun 75 minutes on the trainer on Tuesday am and then took today completely off (I figure I'm going to get plenty of hrs the next 3 days- shooting for a "full", a metric and a 2 hr recovery ride in the middle)

I also made this nice google calendar with the events I already know about and am either in or considering on it. Hope it's viewable if you just click-


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