freezing rain? knees

Took Thursday off entirely this week. Will consider a long ride tomorrow, but the weather report is calling for freezing rain to continue throughout tonight and well into tomorrow. Might get ugly out there. Might be worth it.

My brother got a bumped around by some grippy snow during a training run and tore his ACL. Not much use in being negative about it, I believe he has already begun making plans for his recovery (staying in Utah this summer to be with the training staff etc.). He's done an excellent job of getting in shape for ski racing over the last many years and he will be able to conquer this with the same work ethic. I'm going to miss getting as many chances to see him/ride with him next summer, but so it goes. I will probably have to plan a couple trips out that way. Hopefully he can still redshirt for this year if he wants to. Please pull for him to make a complete recovery and for the rest of his team to have a strong year without him.

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