Got Bolt will travel (I will ride 100 miles, I will ride 100 miles, singing)

Found a steel bolt from a Shimano crankset that will fit. Will install it tonight with loctite. Huge thanks to Bicycle Sports for helping me out. Also, thanks to Eric for volunteering to look into a custom bolt solution even though it turned out to not be necessary. He was all about going the extra mile and machining something etc.!

I plan to go on a medium ride tomorrow and a long ride (maybe 60+ miles) on the fixocog Thursday. I've got a customized schedule again this week to suit my training needs. I should also be able to get in another short ride Friday early in the day such that I can rest up for...

Full ALMANZO course Saturday on the Mamasita. Have been watching the weather and it looks great! I have yet to decide if I will try to 'race' it at all and get it done on a timeline or if I will just take my time and putz around. I think there is plenty of daylight, warmer temperatures and major advantage rocking the 21 lb bike that it shouldn't be an issue. If you've read this far (anyone? bueller? bueller?) you're more than welcome to join me. Heck- if you actually read this junk and EVER want to do something similar to this, you aren't really slow or really fast compared to me, and you'd like to tackle something like this... well, anytime!

On a not so related note- we are now officially a foster home for small dogs. We will be getting two "min pins" Sunday and keeping them until they find homes. If you know anyone interested please pass the word on. Will get some pictures when they get here.

I'm tempted to do a "DBD" style write-up of my past year (see their blogs), but there isn't too much to say. I was so new and so far from where I want to go that it all seems pointless now. I'm as fast now on the fixocog with horrible weather and slow tires and roads as I was on my s-works road bike not so long ago. Despite that, I will say that I had a great time at the Afton 2-4 in the 8 hr division and was proud of finishing 10 laps, was beyond pleased with finally putting it all together in xc at maplelag and finishing 2nd overall for the weekend in comp, and probably even more proud of staying with the "group" until it broke apart in the heck of the north. I look forward to making those acheivements look silly... someday. Too bad I didn't start that process last weekend (told you I was only 30% over it).


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