half of what this is all about

The morning is to dawn bright and sunny with 20+ temperatures. The Mamasita is prepped; complete with the Nokians, DESERVE THEM EH?, park tools frame pump, nashbar frame bag, front and rear blinkies, banjo brothers map holder etc.. I'm slightly inebriated (but under control and ready to turn in for the night). Plan to be up with plenty of time to greet the sunrise. Tomorrow should be a celebration of all the nobel, artsy, emotional, beautiful, life-changing reasons we all love to ride. At the least it will be a long ride fueled by plenty of interesting sites, challenging climbs and heavy metal in the earphones. Tomorrow there is no "plan B", Laura will be out of town ferrying dogs again, but I can't see quitting either.

For the record- the other "half"... well, if you don't know... you don't know me

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