may have to take pto...

well, some other things called yesterday and the ride was called off after about 4.5 hrs. Conditions couldn't have been better though! Hope others got out and rode. I don't know if I will have a chance to actually complete a full 100 miles anytime before the end of the month unless I take PTO this Thursday and give it a go then.

More importantly, I rested today! and needed it. This first couple weeks of the year was a lot of riding and I'm glad I was able to get outside this time of year and push myself to the point where I'm obviously going to be getting stronger. A few more blocks like this and I should have a lot more power and endurance by the time CIRREM rolls around. In the end THAT is at least half of the reason why I'm out riding.

I put my El Santo on ebay. Hoping to use the money from that to finish paying for the gravel rig and eventually also towards a custom fat bike.

I took the RXL wheelset off of it first though- I plan to rebuild those hubs to some superlight 29er rims for race use and use on the gravel bike. I see some possible danger in having narrower rims on my bike for race day than all the time, but if I ride on them a lot I should be able to not have a problem. I guess, when I say "race" set I should really say "faster" 29er set. I wouldn't be surprised if my hope pro II/salsa delgado wheelset ends up spending a lot of time in an all-mountain like application in my fat bike.

sorry to disappoint anyone who was pulling for me to pull off the full Almanzo- hopefully next time.

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