Copper Harbor Mountain Biking

This place is the best. Head and shoulders above anywhere else I've gotten to ride in the Midwest, plus it's a really scenic and cool little town. This year I rode about 12 hours up there which included their Thursday night group ride. I'd recommend making it to the group ride if you can- you get free beer!

I once again stayed at the Belle Vista Motel. I ususally avoid spending money on hotels when traveling, but when up here the Motels are cheap, the camping is expensive and I want to support their trails by spending money in the town. Second photo is the view from my sliding door... I just bring all my bikes inside and use that sliding door to go in and out while I'm there.

Trail Pictures. Again, it's simply the best. All the trails are interesting to ride, all but a couple are two-way and can be reasonably climbed (I think I could climb the whole Red Trail, but I wouldn't want to get in the way of someone coming down...). No where else I've been opens up with all the possibilities that you get when you ride up there. I think the pictures speak for themselves.

There are more miles of bridges here than there are trails in Rochester.

After ride beer on my "patio"

More pics of the view from the town and surrounding area-

Generally I went pretty hard on the Orbea and didn't stop for pictures.

Shot of the guys on the group ride coming up to the look-out. I love it!

Couple last shots on my way out of town on the mountain road.

I can't wait to find time to go back. The rest of the Keweenaw will hopefully get posted tomorrow.


  1. I could not agree more. I've only been up that way 3 times to ride and like you, I believe it to be the best riding in the midwest. If you're passing through Houghton. You should check out the Michigan Tech trails, or the trails around Hancock. Tons of great trail up there!

  2. Cool post! I think I'm heading there after the Oar To Shore this year. The place you stayed looks swell. Thanks for the info.

  3. Keys- Yep- I think I rode most of the ones around Hancock as well, still working on getting that far on the blog.

    Jason- Wish I could make it to the Ore to Shore. I'd have to leave work at 3pm and drive all the way up there the night before. It doesn't seem like it will be practical for me this year. I do get to go to the Dakota Fivo-0 though... No way you will be disappointed by copper harbor, make it there!