If you are going to ridicule my picture quality buy me a new camera worth more than $89... my "real" camera was stolen 2 years ago.

Put in PTO requests for a couple weeks next spring and early summer. Should be able to do a couple weeks similar to my last trip! Also took the day off before the Birkie and a set myself up for a couple long weekends to head up to Wolverine Village and ski earlier in the year... guess I'm going racing.

After skipping Red Wing I now feel rested and strong once again. It was the right call.

I won the Eastwood Tuesday Night Race last night... first time for that (at least when I wasn't the only person there). However, it was somewhat lame because the two other "fastest" guys there didn't really race. They took the start and then rode at a "conversational" pace. I wish I could have pushed myself harder despite the lead I developed, but I started getting lazy.

I picked up an m-961 XTR front derailleur for the Orbea--- Night and Day better than the X9 that was on there. No longer have to think about how/when to shift the front.

Also, switched (temporarily?) to a 10 speed dura-ace chain on the otherwise 9 speed drivetrain... any thoughts on that?

Hope you are having a good week!

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