Rest of the Keweenaw

When Friday rolled around I'd ridden about 32 hours over the last 7 days and it was time to get as much rest as possible prior to the Keweenaw Chain Drive.

I slept in to ten and then spent an hour prepping my bike prior to leaving Copper Harbor. The rest of the day was spent wandering.

That buoy apparently weighs some ungodly amount- I want to say 50,000 lbs! Mind blowing.

For some reason at that point I got interested in the textures of the buildings.

Found a nice little Mexican place for lunch- not what I was expecting to find.

Got a brief ride in at McLain State Park as well as a hike

Something about this reminded me of something and that's why/when I decided to switch to hiking...

Later went for a ride near the town of Gay- I understand this "beach" is actually some sort of industrial waste.

I spent the rest of the day relaxing as much as possible including watching Green Lantern and even Applebee's for dinner.

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