Dirty Kanza 200 failed race recap

Dirty Kanza beat me again.

This year it wasn't the crushing blow/near death experience of most failed riders (or myself last year) but instead it just slowly dawned on me that I wasn't going to be able to finish and I should quit before things got worse. I don't believe I lasted more than an hour or two in the mid-day sun. I became nauseous to the point that bumpy roads and/or any position on the bike other than totally vertical would mean another wave. This was disappointing- this time I knew my pace was appropriate, my equipment was good, I was drinking enough etc., I could ride the distance if things went right and things were just not going right. I suppose some acclimization to the heat might help, but I've failed so miserably that I don't know if that could be enough... unless maybe I move to Florida...

It was somewhat fortuitous that I quit when I did- Dad was also helping Mike Curtes and he truly needed help at the same checkpoint at which I had pulled the plug. If I had ridden a couple more hours down the road (which i felt I could have) and then had trouble it could have been disasterous. Seeing the way he looked and remembering last year, I know I made the right decision to stop when I did.

Highlights of the race-

Riding with a bunch of friends

The cow that panicked and ran in front of me, tried to reverse direction and fell as in a cartoon... (this could have been better if it had happened a bit further away)

beautiful scenery

awesome venue

the dead cow rotting 10' from the road

hanging out with my Dad

the road bike with the 30s was working (slight disadvantage some places vs. huge advantage other=good)

not doing anything really stupid or falling early in the race when it was a huge pack on loose gravel and I couldn't pick my lines/didn't have much margin for error

learning what tire pressure to run to avoid pinch flats with 700x30 marathon racers on 404s (needs 65+, no flats for 65 miles once I figured that out)

quitting before it all went to hell

In the end- averaged almost 16.6 mph while riding and left with the feeling that I was doomed from the start. If there is a next time I will find a way to know I'm prepared for the heat.

Congratulations to all the finishers.

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