Owatonna Death Race

There's the video. The Death Race is a free road race in Owatonna. Couldn't say no with it being so close to home (and with Al Farrow's constant reminders. Too bad I wasn't able to help him podium). The same guy had won it the last two years and I guess it was time for that to end.

Watch the start of the video and then from 9:00 on to see the fun stuff.

Pretty cool trophy...


  1. Nice work Drew!!! I like that you dropped them twice.

  2. It was a fun race. Hope to see you again next year for the race up the only hill in Steele County.

  3. where was the one hill?

    hope to see some of ya'll at the Almanzo next year, or maybe sooner on one of our group rides in the "hills" over here. There will be a couple of pre-planned century type rides on Saturdays that will get over to the Winona area and some real hills later in the summer.

  4. Ha ha! I should have put quotes around "hill", but we don't have much around here. Some of us rode in Pepin, WI on Saturday so I'm sure we could get a group over to the Winona area. Is there a website or email list where the rides are going to be posted?

  5. The rides I was referring to earlier are organized/discussed on the "velorochester" google group. If you search and ask to join you can get the updates. To warn you, there will also be a lot of talk about weekly Saturday/Sunday rides and sometimes about a mid-week ride or two.

    Other Rochester area rides are organized by the revengeance group


    Those are usually gravel rides on the weekends and bar crawl rides during the week (including every Tuesday at 8)

    Other stuff is posted at the RASC website.