Long trip Home- Porcupine Mountains, Rock Lake, Levis etc.

After the race I started home. Coming back through I took some pictures, but lost some of my motivation to do so.

Wound up hiking in the Porcupines, riding at Wolvering, riding Rock Lake/Namakegon, riding Levis etc. etc. and still coming home a couple days earlier than needed in order to ease my way back into work.


My age group prize from the Chain Drive at the Town Hall-

Long ride from the Town Hall all the way out to the Rock Lake trailhead, through all of Rock Lake and back via singletrack. Here are a couple pictures-

back home!

Yes, that scaffolding is a gap drop off the end... Yes, Randy's bike is worth 40x what he paid for that truck.

Lastly, here are all the animals but the not quite so photogenic 13 year old Beagle-

Took it fairly easy these last few days after going back to work. Decided not to race today due to feeling a little bit tired. Expect to ride hard this next week, try a road race and my first crit next weekend and to head to Eau Claire feeling more prepared than I did at the same time last year. Wish me luck.

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