Duluth Mountain Biking at Lester Park, Bayfield area riding

I rode some trails in Lester Park. Excellent, but somewhat short singletrack loop. I had never ridden there before and wanted to check it out after hearing some good things. I enjoyed it.

I was ready to crush a communist burrito. Burrito Union is an excellent after-ride destinatin.

I spent some time on the "coast" in the Bayfield area. Everyone has seen tons of epic pictures of Lake Superior (and I'm going to post a bunch of my own later) so I'll skip those and post a couple of this really cool ATV trail that I rode.

It wound up turning into basically singletrack and leading to an awesome cove- almost a Pirate cove.

A couple of those "epic" type shots

A couple city shots

It was a nice 4 or 5 hour ride from Washburn up to Red Cliff. There were a few sections where the main paved road was the only real option due to private land etc., and a bit too much traffic. Overall it was well worth it though.

Later that day I'd make it to Ironwood and Wolverine Village. More to come...

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